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Yaron Koren-2
Hi all,

Version 3.1 of Semantic Forms has been released. This version has the
following changes and additions:

- Support was added for the Cargo extension (
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Cargo). This includes support for
Cargo metadata (setting the right input type based on the field type,
etc.), and Cargo data (autocompleting on the set of previously-entered
values, etc.) The {{{field}}} tag now has two additional parameters, "cargo
table=" and "cargo field=", which are used to hardcode the connection of a
form field to a Cargo field; they are the equivalent of the "property="
parameter for Semantic MediaWiki.

- Two fixes were made for the working of SF without SMW. The major one is a
fix for a problem that caused SF to crash completely, unless
$sfgRedLinksCheckOnlyLocalProps was set to true in LocalSettings.php. The
other one allows date values to be displayed correctly when SMW is not

- A new hook, sfRenderingEnd, was added; thanks to Frank Baxmann.

- Some additional escaping of text was done; thanks to "m4tx".

You can download this new version, and read more about Semantic Forms, here:


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