[SF] Version 3.3.1: Fix for "Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given" error, etc.

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[SF] Version 3.3.1: Fix for "Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given" error, etc.

Yaron Koren-2
Hi all,

Version 3.3.1 of Semantic Forms has been released. This is a more minor
release, containing just bug fixes. This version has the following fixes:

- Semantic Forms had issues with some versions of both the ConfirmEdit and
SpamBlacklist extensions, where trying to save a page leads to the error
message,  "Invalid or virtual namespace -1 given". This only happened when
the URL looked like "Special:FormEdit/...", not like "...?action=formedit",
and it was due to those other extensions mistakenly thinking that the user
was trying to modify Special:FormEdit itself. This has now been fixed
within Semantic Forms, so the latest SF should work with any version of
those other extensions. Thanks to Alex Monk for the fix.

- There was a bug fix in version 3.3 that had the unfortunate effect of
leading to some JavaScript breaking within multiple-instance templates,
like the "datepicker" input. I don't know if this is fully fixed now, but I
think it works better.

- The "Select all"/"Select none" links that appear for the "checkboxes"
input weren't working within multiple-instance templates - ideally, they
could be fixed to work, but for now they just no longer show up in
multiple-instance templates.

- "values from category=" was sometimes not working; I don't know the exact
conditions that made it fail, but it should work more consistently now.

- There were various fixes for the registration of different form input
types for different Cargo field types.

- There were some general code improvements, like replacing hardcoded HTML
with calls to MediaWiki's "Html" class.

As always, to read more about Semantic Forms, and/or download it for
yourself, see here:



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