[SF] Version 3.3.2: Fixes for multiple-instance templates, etc.

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[SF] Version 3.3.2: Fixes for multiple-instance templates, etc.

Yaron Koren-2

Version 3.3.2 of Semantic Forms has been released. This version contains
the following changes:

- The past few versions contained attempted fixes for a problem with "show
on select" in multiple-instance templates, but they didn't work for all
installations (or possibly for none). This version contains a fix that
seems to be a true solution to the problem. Thanks to everyone who helped
with the debugging.

- The "tree" input had a bug where, if there were enough values in the
tree, selecting certain values would also lead to other values showing up
on the saved page; this has been fixed now. Thanks to an anonymous user for
diagnosing the problem and providing a fix.

You can read more about Semantic Forms, and download the latest version,


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