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SMW 2.5.0 change

I discovered when preparing to upgrade from SMW 2.4.2 to SMW 2.5.2 that there has been a change in the default value for the separator between multiple values for a property using the template result format. The change was introduced in

My wikis have many places where an #ask query uses a template result format and one of the fields returned is multi-valued. I typically use #arraymap (from PageForms) to separate the values at the comma separator for further processing. However, without valuesep specified, the separator is now defaulting to a space rather than a comma even when I try to turn off the feature with $smwgResultFormatsFeatures.

I am faced with the proposition of finding all of the #ask queries in all of my wikis that use a template result format and then examining all of those templates to see if I use any #arraymap calls and then returning to the query to add "valuesep=,".

Is the fact that valuesep defaults to a space rather than a comma a bug or a conscious choice? Having sep default to a space seems to be useful, but it would be helpful if valuesep defaulted to a comma to retain the behavior of the template result format prior to 2.5.0.

Thank you,