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david mason-2

I realize this has been asked in the past (Hi Jon!), but I am working with a
group that today has a popular data sharing site, written in custom code.
Central to the site is interactive maps. They want to move away from custom
code, and SMW strikes me as an ideal solution. However, I am concerned with
with high constant and spike loads.

Right now, they have about 1000 items, and would anticipate exponentially
more over the years. I have created an SMW version of their site which seems
suitable, though the main map, using Exhibit, only displays 500 entries despite
setting the limit higher. I also notice on other sites using SMW other map
views rather than Exhibit are used, is there a scalability reason for this?
Data facets are an important aspect of this site.

The project is now entirely volunteer driven, they do have a volunteer
providing a decent server and bandwidth. Are other steps to support a high
volume site well known and easy to implement? Any sample cases or statistics
I can look at for existing map focused SMW sites?



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