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SOPA, a proposed piece of US law known officially as the Stop Online Piracy Act, could affect Wikimedia projects worldwide, and possibly make them completely unworkable legally. There is currently a discussion within the movement as to what (if any) actions Wikipedia and other projects should take to stop passage of this act. While Wikimedia UK doesn’t (yet) have an official position that I’m aware of, we want the UK community’s view to be represented in whatever actions are taken. To that end, there is a ‘suggested actions’ page at, and we’d really appreciate your views there.


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Wikimedia UK is the operating name of Wiki UK Limited, a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales, Registered No. 6741827. Our Registered Charity No. is 1144513. The Registered Office is 4th Floor, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT.

Wikimedia UK is the local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation (who operate Wikipedia, amongst other projects). It is an independent non-profit organization with no legal control over Wikipedia nor responsibility for its contents.


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