SWiM 0.1 is out (semantic wiki for mathematics)

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SWiM 0.1 is out (semantic wiki for mathematics)

Christoph LANGE
Dear Wiki[media] researchers,

  finally, SWiM, the semantic wiki for mathematical knowledge management, is
available for download.  It is capable of editing, browsing, and presenting
mathematical knowledge represented in the structural semantic markup language
OMDoc (Open Mathematical Documents; see http://www.omdoc.org).  Download it
at http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/, or test the demo at
http://raspberry.eecs.iu-bremen.de:8081/SWiM/.  Recent news can be found on
the MathWeb wiki (http://mathweb.org/wiki/SWiM/), and for bug reports and
feature requests, please use our Trac site (http://trac.kwarc.info/swim/).

So far, version 0.1 of SWiM is available, based on IkeWiki 0.9.1, but with a
look and feel similar to MediaWiki -- except for a user-friendly text editor,
but that's why it is "0.1" ;-)  To learn about the ideas behind the project,
please have a look at the technical report about SWiM
(http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/pubs/tr-swim.pdf).  SWiM 0.1 serves as a
prototype to get feedback for the development of a collaborative platform for
managing general scientific knowledge exploited by various services, as
presented in more recent research papers (see
http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/pubs.html).  You can soon expect a more
up-to-date SWiM 0.2 (based on IkeWiki 1.99, of course), with the first new
ideas of my Ph.D. proposal put into practice.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, ICQ# 51191833

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