SWiM 0.2 released (semantic wiki for mathematics)

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SWiM 0.2 released (semantic wiki for mathematics)

Christoph LANGE
Dear Wiki[media] researchers,

  this mail is to announce the release of the current, intermediate state of
SWiM, a semantic wiki for mathematics. Based on the semantic wiki IkeWiki
(http://ikewiki.salzburgresearch.at), which is similar to the better-known
Semantic MediaWiki but offers a better RDF and XML infrastructure and a more
flexible user interface, SWiM adds support for the following mathematical
markup languages:

* MathML, a W3C standard in its upcoming version 3, is used for presenting
mathematical formulae.
* OpenMath (http://www.openmath.org) is used to enter mathematical formulae in
a semantically reasonable structure, regardless of how they are rendered.
* OMDoc (http://www.omdoc.org) is used to embed formulae into documents and to
semantically structure these documents into mathematical theories and

Note the difference to wikis supporting LaTeX formulae: Here, we chiefly care
about the _semantics_ of mathematical knowledge and how to benefit from these
structures, and only in a second step about the visual appearance of

New features in 0.2 are:

1. a completely redesigned and improved user interface, mostly thanks to the
hard work Sebastian Schaffert did on IkeWiki

2. rendering of mathematical formulae in MathML 3, according to notation
definitions for symbols that can dynamically be made inside the wiki, using
the mmlproc renderer (http://kwarc.info/projects/mmlkit/).

3. a way to edit OMDoc XML structures as tables and OpenMath content-markup
formulae in a linearized ASCII notation inside the TinyMCE HTML editor

4. import and export working for OMDoc documents, and partly working for
OpenMath content dictionaries and MathML 3 notation definitions.

For the next milestone, I'll mainly be working on enhancing the OpenMath
support, e.g. turning SWiM into a proper editor for OpenMath content
dictionaries. For technical details, see the roadmap at

Check out …

* the live demo at http://swim.kwarc.info
* the project homepage at http://kwarc.info/projects/swim/ for further
information, downloading an installable packags or the sources, and recent
* the bug tracker at http://trac.kwarc.info/swim/ to report bugs or to request
* the SWiM mailing list at
http://lists.jacobs-university.de/mailman/listinfo/project-swim and the
MathWeb wiki page at http://mathweb.org/wiki/SWiM for more announcements and
to participate in detailed discussions.



Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype duke4701

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