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Scribe gadget ready for first deployments

Lucie Kaffee
Hello everyone,

We have been working on Scribe over the past months. Scribe is an addition
to the editing interface of MediaWiki, that eases new users into creating
new Wikipedia articles. Scribe’s focus is to teach new editors the
importance of references and following the Wikipedia standards. Find more
information on Scribe here:

It is currently deployed on test Wikipedia:

Scribe lets an editor select from a list of suggested sections, which are
based on the existing articles in your Wikipedia.

Then, Scribe suggests references from the web for each section, based on
the existing references in your Wikipedia.

We have developed Scribe as a gadget that does not interfere with your
usual editing flow. We are currently looking for feedback, therefore we
would like to deploy the extension on your Wikipedia.

Would you be interested in offering Scribe to editors on your Wikipedia and
use it to give us feedback on its usability?

You can let us know via mail or on this page:

We are running a first trial, in which we would offer a list of < 200
articles in a red links list, which can be created with Scribe for testing
purposes. The gadget is not enabled by default and would only work on the
list of articles provided in the red links list.


Lucie, Hady, Eugene

(Scribe team)

Lucie-Aimée Kaffee
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