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Deb Tankersley

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= 2019-08-07 =

== Callouts ==

* Wikidata/WMDE: we would appreciate if there were any updates with regards
to fixing issues with the Graphoid, which cause problems on many Wikipedias
who use it (, . Some
investigation as been done but Yurik doesn't seem to be willing to
investigate more or to touch the code. Are there any news about the
ownership of Graphoid (WMF team taking over? leaving unmaintained?
undeploying?), see
* Informational information from Parsing:
** Tim isolated a GC bug in PHP from the SEGV crasher we found running
Parsoid/PHP parser tests
*** is the SEGV phab task and is the upstream bug report against PHP
*** Please take a look at
for a workaround in Parsoid in case your codebases might benefit from this.
* Growth: One more threshold update for huwiki:
* Structured Data: As we roll out new features on Commons, we have been
seeing a couple of errors that seem to be a product of the MediaInfo
extension using underlying Wikibase code in ways different than originally
intended. Example: This is not
an emergency or train blocker, but would be good to chat about how we can
work together to address issues like this going forward
* Search: need some feedback from Slovak speakers:
* Next week: No train due to Wikimania
* Services: We fixed ORES precache to handle new "stream" param (not
"topic").  Should be good to remove your workaround.

== Product ==

=== Contributors ===

==== Editing ====
* Updates:
** Preparing for Wikimania
** Deployed Edit Cards v2
** Created a Prototype for Toolbar v1 on Mobile
** Working on Phase 2 of Talk Pages report

==== Growth ====
* Updates:
** Preparing for Task Recommendations work

=== Readers ===

==== iOS native app ====
* Updates:
** 6.3.1 released yesterday
*** bug fixes
*** talk pages enhancements
** 6.4 exploratory phase
*** iOS13 / iPadOS updates
*** Working on a big release that improves article history

==== Android native app ====
* Updates:
** Suggested Edits v2 (editing image captions) released to production!
** Mobile html integration is almost done. At 70% now.

==== Readers Web ====
* Updates:
** Summary: [ advanced (mobile)
contributions deployed today.] \o/
** Responsive website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend / Portals):
*** [
Advanced mobile contributions]:
**** [ <nowiki>All edits are
tagged as "advanced mobile edit" when wgMFAdvancedMobileContributions is
**** [ <nowiki>Cleanup AMC feature
**** [ <nowiki>Contributions page
has regressed since changes to RecentChanges adding visual clutter</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug] [AMC] 1px gap
at bottom of page actions without download icon (due to font size
**** [ <nowiki>[AMC] Recent
changes design review</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Notification icon
should be visible when the notification drawer is open</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Decommision
**** [ <nowiki>Inform AMC users
that grouped results are not available on the recent changes page</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Disable grouped
results on RecentChanges page on mobile</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Notifications
should appear in a modal dialog or drawer</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>AMC Outreach -
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug] Overflow menu
has blank entry on community portal when no Wikidata item exists</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[AMC] Rename
setting "Advanced mode" (instead of "Advanced contributions mode")</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Cleanup
Special:RecentChanges filters appearance on Minerva (mobile)</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Skin should reset
SkinOptions on UserLogout action.</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Extract
$skinOptions from SkinMinerva class</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>AMC Navigation -
make main menu scrollable</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Move skin
"subtitle" markup that contains redirect and breadcrumbs</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Main menu should
slide over content</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[SPIKE 8hr] Main
Menu should work without javascript</nowiki>]
*** Miscellaneous:
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug] can't
re-enter Talk overlay after adding a discussion</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>mobilecite is
missing i18n title messages for Special:Specialpages</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Talk page replies
lost when clicking on links</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug] Visiting a
talk section flashes page content</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>ReferencesDrawer
should be a Drawer, not extend the Drawer</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[EPIC] Re-define
the contract for displaying drawers and overlays in MobileFrontend</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Add Redux to
**** [ <nowiki>Separate View code
from SearchOverlay</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug]  Remove
download button from pages that don't exist</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Make toasts
tappable links when redirecting a user away from a page</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>[Bug] Watchlist has
skewed thumbnails</nowiki>]

==== Product Infrastructure ====
* Updates:
** Profiling Wikifeeds
** Created Beta cluster instance with node 10 for migrating Proton
** Machine Vision Middleware APIs
** Event Platform Client documentation

==== Structured Data ====
* Blocked by:
** Not a real "block" but it would be good to chat with someone from the
Wikidata team about this issue which has appeared occasionally on
production since some new structured data features went live on Commons:
* Updates:
** launch of arbitrary wikibase statements on commons went ok
** about to commence work on supporting configurable structured data for

==== Parsing ====
* Updates:
** Parsoid/PHP parser tests ~99% green now
** Work in progress to enable large scale roundtrip testing on scandium ( is the tracker task for those
*** Enabling Parsoid/PHP on scandium will also let us run performance tests
with production content
** Tim isolated a GC bug in PHP from the SEGV crasher we found running
Parsoid/PHP parser tests
*** is the SEGV phab task and is the upstream bug report against PHP
*** Please take a look at
for a workaround in Parsoid in case your codebases might benefit from this.

=== UI Standardization ===
* Updates:
** Design Style Guide
*** Components: Updated overview with slicing structure for “Components”
*** Components: Provided WIP patch for “Components” section at
** AMC: Improving collapsible HTMLForm styling in preparation of
Special:Contributions transformation to OOUI
** No OOUI release this week due to other priorities above

== Technology ==

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Updates:
** Ready to deploy EventLogging-based pipeline to get and transform banner
and landing page view stats from main cluster to payments cluster DBs
(replaces old solution, inexplicably written as a Django app, that parses
full web logs reconstructed from Kafkatee):
** Fixing CentralNotice QUnit tests:
** Tweaks to India donation form in response to limited initial tests:
** Deployment and first real-money tests of one-time to recurring donation
** Resuming final piece of work to cut db links between payments-wiki front
end and CiviCRM back end
** Training up fundraising non-tech people to bypass Rube Goldberg machine
currently used to import Thank You email content from metawiki:
** Getting up to speed on progress of core CSP work to make sure
CentralNotice banner-preview CSP doesn't break:
** Working through issues blocking updating fundraising python tools to
** Improvements to CiviCRM data import and export

=== Core Platform ===
* Blocking:
** MediaWiki installer silently ignores invalid extensions
* Updates:
** Further rollouts of Kask, paused for performance review
** Final routes of Parsoid API in PHP
** API integration testing

=== Engineering Productivity ===

==== Performance ====
* Blocked by:
** SRE: DeferredUpdates enqueue-on-failure patch (figure out why it fails
wikibase tests);
* Updates:
** Published the Excellence monthly for June 2019.
** AbuseFilter: Continued CR for Daimona's on-going perf work. –
** Started widespread audit of CSS image-embed performance to improve page
load times. –

==== Quality and Test Engineering ====
* Updates:
** MediaWiki installer silently ignores invalid extensions

==== Release Engineering ====
* Blocked by:
** Core Platform Team:
*** MediaWiki installer silently ignores invalid extensions
* Updates:
** Train Health
*** Last week: 1.34.0-wmf.16 - –
Fully deployed
*** This week: 1.34.0-wmf.17 - –
No known blockers yet
*** Next week: No train this week due to Wikimania
** Code Health
** Log Health

=== Scoring Platform ===
* Blocked by:
** Growth
* Updates:
** ORES deployment (probably Tuesday, Aug 6th):
*** Improvements to huwiki editquality models
*** Improvements to enwiki article quality model
*** Improvements to wikidata item quality model
*** Fixed ORES precache to handle new "stream" param (not "topic")
** Completed
** Designed a "catch-all" endpoint for Jade.  See  Is this a good idea?

=== Search Platform ===
* Blocked by: need some feedback from Slovak speakers:
* Updates:
** Improved documentation on search boolean operators:
*** Docs here:
** Set up load balancing for cloudelastic:
** Set up “did you mean” satisfaction metrics dashboard:
** Fixed some missing updates after WDQS reload and underlying cause:
** Waiting for feedback on Slovak stemmer:
** Working on creating RDF export for SDC/MediaInfo:
** Working on getting glent suggestions into Elastic indexes:
** Working on CirrusSearch configuration for cloudelastic:
** Working on WDQS Updater performance improvements:

=== Security ===
* Updates:
** Team members out / at conferences, intermittent progress will be made on
existing tickets over the next 1-2 weeks.

=== Site Reliability Engineering ===
* Blocking:
** WMDE/Wikidata would appreciate some review on
** SRE: DeferredUpdates enqueue-on-failure patch (figure out why it fails
wikibase tests);
* Updates:
** SRE is migrating all cron/maintenance jobs to PHP7, tracking task:

== TechCom ==
* Updates:
** Last Calls being review in today's TechCom meeting:
*** Proper command-line runner for MediaWiki maintenance tasks
*** Heredoc arguments for templates (aka "hygienic" or "long" arguments)
*** Abstract schemas and schema changes

== Wikimedia DE ==

=== Wikidata ===
* Blocked by:
** Site Reliability Engineering: WMDE/Wikidata would appreciate some review
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