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Željko Filipin

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= 2019-08-28 =

== Callouts ==

* Release Engineering
** REMINDER: We're at 1.34.0-wmf.20 this week. The last branch for this
release will be wmf.25 on 30 September. Teams who want to ship things for
MW 1.34 should land them now.
** Search Platform blocked (by Core Platform?): RecentChange support for

== Product ==

=== Readers ===

==== iOS native app ====
* Updates:
** Development on 6.4 release
***iOS13/iPadOS updates
***New loading screen
***Bug fixes
***History & Diffs pushed off to the next release

==== Android native app ====
* Updates:
** Minor release now in production: optimized page loading speed and
** Starting work on Suggested Edits v3 (design updates to user
contributions screen).
** Continuing to profile and test integration with mobile-html endpoint.

==== Readers Web ====
* Updates:
** Summary: continuing advanced mode.
** Responsive website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend / Portals):
*** Desktop refresh:
**** Light technical planning.
*** [
Advanced mode]:
**** [ <nowiki>File
does not exist</nowiki>]
**** [
<nowiki>ServiceContainer.php: Circular dependency when creating
MobileFrontend service "AMC.UserMode > AMC.Manager > FeaturesManager >
UserModes > AMC.UserMode"</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Contributions icon
is missing from main menu in non-AMC mode for logged in users</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Touch targets not
large enough</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Browser tests
failing now AMC Outreach drawer is enabled</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>AMC Outreach Drawer
encouraging me to turn on advanced mode sends me from Special:Homepage to
my user page</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Cleanup AMC feature
**** [ <nowiki>Create, and deploy
working  MobileWebUIActionsTracking schema</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Reduce spacing of
icons in mobile header</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Fix icon sizing by
updating all 24x24 icons to 20x20 icons</nowiki>]
*** Miscellaneous:
**** [ <nowiki>Excessive paragraph
padding in MF editor save dialog</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Mobile VE doesn't
use DB title for RESTBase load, resulting in a 301 redirect</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Separate View code
from SearchOverlay</nowiki>]
**** [ <nowiki>Bug: Section edit
links should be hidden for blocked users</nowiki>]

==== Product Infrastructure ====
* Updates:
** Pagelib
*** CSS now minimized. Deployed yesterday
*** Experimenting with pagelib to improve mobile-html pageload
** Mobile-html
*** Fixed srcset in media-list endpoint
*** WIP: updating footer style
** Maps
*** Investigated OSM DB bug, but results inconclusive
** Machine vision middleware
*** Could be (optimistically) code-complete by EOW for DBA, Performance
pre-deployment reviews
*** Planning JS frontend integration
** Data Engineering
*** Specified identifiers for event platform clients
*** Specified sampling functions for event platform clients

==== Structured Data ====
* Updates:
** working on getting structured data in campaigns ready for WLM

==== Parsing ====
* Updates:
** Parsoid/PHP testing:
*** Parser tests almost 100% green now (barring some insignificant
key-value ordering differences in JSON blobs which we need to normalize to
reduce this false positives).
*** We have got our first runs of Parsoid/PHP round trip tests running
scandium. We still have some crashers to fix and more bugs to fix from that
initial test run.
** Performance-wise, after Tim's initial work tweaking some things in
Parsoid, here is a rough performance update for test runs on scandium. We
need real perf. benchmarking to get a more robust sense of where we are.
*** Parsoid/PHP w2html:
**** On large pages (like en:Barack_Obama), 1.5x slower than Parsoid/JS.
But, most of that seems to be GC issues (both PHP7.2 and Parsoid/PHP). See for details
**** On medium and smaller pages, as fast as or upto 2x faster than
Parsoid/JS in some cases which is a pretty good result.
*** Parsoid/PHP html2wt (impacts VE and CX):
**** On large DOMs (like en:Barack_Obama), >2x slower than Parsoid/JS. But,
on slightly smaller DOMs (like en:Berlin), < 10% slower. So, we seem to be
getting non-linear slowdown as the pages get larger.
**** Needs additional testing on medium and smaller sized pages.
**** Note that in production usage, we will be using a more efficient
version of html -> wt. But, this slowdown is still a reliable indicator of
where we need to focus our performance work.
** Other Parsoid/PHP updates:
*** Working with core platform team on RESTBase - Parsoid/PHP integration

== Technology ==

=== Analytics ===
* Blocking:
** Search Platform -

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Updates:
** Large-scale testing of India payments form
** Prepping new CiviCRM point upgrade with more of our local hacks
upstreamed or turned into proper extensions:
** Importing more donor data into CiviCRM:
** Fixes for one-time->recurring conversion ask:
** Deploying new Eventlogging-based pipeline for landing page and
CentralNotice data
*** Fixing issues with sending events from both sources:,
** Payments form layout and text changes:,
** Almost ready to deploy python3 upgrade to fundraising python tools:

=== Core Platform ===
* Blocked by:
** Site Reliability Engineering: Investigate Kask request latency
* Blocking:
** Search Platform: RecentChange support for SDC:
** Release Engineering: MediaWiki installer silently ignores invalid
** Performance: (triaged by Daniel and Brad a
week ago?)
* Updates:
** Kask performance issue
** Parsoid/PHP last routes
** Core REST API routes in MediaWiki
** Action API integration testing

=== Engineering Productivity ===

==== Performance ====
* Blocked by:
** WMDE/Wikidata:
** Core Platform: (triaged by Daniel and Brad a
week ago?)
* Updates:
** resourceloader: New Grafana dashboard providing insight into JS startup
cost for extensions. –

==== Release Engineering ====
* Blocked by:
** Core Platform Team: MediaWiki installer silently ignores invalid
* Updates:
** REMINDER: We're at 1.34.0-wmf.20 this week. The last branch for this
release will be wmf.25 on 30 September. Teams who want to ship things for
MW 1.34 should land them now.
** Train Health
*** Last week: 1.34.0-wmf.19 - -
some problems, but deployed on time
*** This week: 1.34.0-wmf.20 -
*** Next week: 1.34.0-wmf.21 -

=== Search Platform ===
* Blocked by:
** Core Platform: RecentChange support for SDC:
** Analytics:
* Updates:
** Support for Wikidata Query Service will be limited for the foreseeable
future; hiring is in progress
** Cloudelastic import still going on, causing some queues to grow quicker
than expected
** Still reindexing some wikis to enable the new create_timestamp sort
** Adapted search/analytics data pipelines to use swift to deploy data (did
you mean suggestions and pageview ranking signal) to production
** We evaluated druid+turnilo+superset for search metrics going forward and
found it to be reasonable; built a superset dashboard for search
satisfaction 'did you mean' metrics
** Worked on documenting the limitations of the current search syntax
** Added support to haswbstatement:* syntax:
** Fixed issue with case sensitivity of deepcat searches:
** SDC query test server: - not updated yet!
** wdqs1009 restored to its role as auto-deploy test server:
** WDQS Updater performance improvements code complete, starting testing:
** Working on fixing categories delete issue:

=== Security ===
* Updates:
** Backlog
*** Security Review for MediaWiki REST API, assigned to Sam,
*** John to explore funding of 3rd party audits this quarter, stalled -,,,
** Active
*** Security review of Ex:DoubleWiki, in-progress -
*** Parsoid-PHP, moved to active, additional review by Sam, in-progress -
*** Security review of preact 8.4.2, Scott did a very simple assessment,
unassigned, stalled
*** Page Content Service route /page/mobile-html, starting -
*** Security review of WebAuthn library dependencies, in-progress -
*** Planet wikimedia - assigned to Michal Anna, stalled -
** Waiting
*** Labs db/sanitarium and maintain-views.yaml audits, assigned to James F,
stalled -,
** Frozen (delayed indefinitely)
*** Audiences growth team emails concept review, stalled - Jen contacted to
close -
*** Banner preview, stalled -
** Closing Soon / Closed
*** Doublewiki (old), Scott to resolve this week, in-progress - can Jen
contact to close? -

=== Site Reliability Engineering ===
* Blocking:
** Core Platform Team, Investigate Kask request latency

== Wikimedia DE ==

=== Wikidata ===
* Blocking:
** Performance - WMDE/Wikidata:

== SoS Meeting Bookkeeping ==
* Updates:
** Don't forget to copy "blocked" section from your team to the team that's
blocking you "blocking" section
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