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Željko Filipin

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= 2020-06-17 =

== Callouts ==
* Release Engineering
** [All] Review guidance at [[wikitech:Deployments/Covid-19]] and Code
Deployment Office Hour at 17:00UTC in #wikimedia-office
** "scap sync" will be renamed to "scap sync-world" in the next
release. If you use "scap sync" non-interactively, please add a note
to: [[phab:T250302]] (and also, explain why you're using it)

== Product ==

=== iOS native app ===
* Updates:
** Bug fix 6.6.1 release in beta testing [[phab:project/view/4574]]
** Beginning early development and research on new experiments for 6.7

=== Android native app ===
* Updates:
** Continuing to develop enhanced contribution history screen.

=== Web ===
* Updates:
** '''Summary''': continuing content width limiting for Desktop
Improvements Project (DIP), scaffolding and identifying a component
baseline for Vue.js search.
** [[Reading/Web/Desktop_Improvements|Desktop Improvements Project
(Vector / DIP)]]:
*** [[phab:T254048|<nowiki>Render the FallbackSkin and SkinApi with a
simplistic SkinMustache class</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T254546|<nowiki>Language portlet no longer at the bottom of
*** [[phab:T253938|<nowiki>Future proof addPortletLink</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T246419|<nowiki>Build collapsible sidebar and sidebar
button </nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T240622|<nowiki>[Technical debt payoff] Remove
InlineDiffFormatter and InlineDifferenceEngine from
*** [[phab:T255073|<nowiki>Duplicate <div id="mw-content-text" ...> in
Vector HTML output</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T251212|<nowiki>[Dev] Drop VectorTemplate usage in Vector</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T244276|<nowiki>Add bandwidth tests for JavaScript and CSS
to Vector and component repo</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T60137|<nowiki>Deprecate the
SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec hook</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T246420|<nowiki>Limit content width, and refine alignment &
styling of relevant elements</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T244392|Vue.js search case study]]:
**** See [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Vue.js case study/Status
log|weekly status updates]].
** Mobile website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend):
*** [[phab:T234570|<nowiki>Tech debt: Drop Browser.supportsAnimations

=== UI Standardization ===
* Updates:
** Link :focus standardization part of Design Style Guide
** OOUI v0.39.2 in preparation

== Technology ==

=== Fundraising Tech ===
* Updates:
** More work on employer matching gifts
** Missed backport window for CentralNotice update, will try again next week
** Improving efficiency of data export to bulk mail provider.

=== Engineering Productivity ===

==== Release Engineering ====
* Updates:
** [All] Deployments/Covid-19 [[wikitech:Deployments/Covid-19]]
** Train Health
*** Last week: 1.35.0-wmf.36 - [[phab:T254173]]
*** This week: 1.35.0-wmf.37 - [[phab:T254174]]
*** Next week: 1.35.0-wmf.38 - [[phab:T254175]]

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