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Željko Filipin

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= 2020-07-29 =

== Callouts ==
* Release Engineering
** [All] Review guidance at [[wikitech:Deployments/Covid-19]] and Code
Deployment Office Hour at 17:00UTC in #wikimedia-office
** "scap sync" will be renamed to "scap sync-world" in the next
release. If you use "scap sync" non-interactively, please add a note
to: [[phab:T250302]] (and also, explain why you're using it)
** scap sync now has option --canary-wait-time; [[phab:T217924]]

== SoS Meeting Bookkeeping ==
* Updates:
** Looking for a meeting facilitator for 2020-08-05, 2020-08-12 and
maybe 2020-08-19. The facilitator job is creating a wiki page and
sending mail to wikitech-l.

== Product ==

=== Web ===
* Updates:
** '''Summary''': the Desktop Improvements Project's (DIP) new Vector
is now an opt-in user preference everywhere; continuing WVUI Vector
integration, network client, and search suggestion component.
** [[Reading/Web/Desktop_Improvements|Desktop Improvements Project
(Vector / DIP)]]:
*** [[phab:T250968|<nowiki>[ShoutWikiAds] Replace use of deprecated
hook VectorBeforeFooter</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T258588|<nowiki>Sidebar collapsed by default on desktop
*** [[phab:T258058|<nowiki>Enable sidebar instrumentation on test
*** [[phab:T254227|<nowiki>Switch test wikis to new version of vector
by default</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T253842|<nowiki>Fix the printable versions of modern
*** [[phab:T249363|<nowiki>Move the existing search to the header in
preparation for Vue.js search development</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T257647|<nowiki>Integrate WVUI into Vector for Vue.js
*** [[phab:T256092|<nowiki>[Modern Vector] Fix broken rendering of
`main` and element in IE9-11</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T251212|<nowiki>[Dev] Drop VectorTemplate usage in Vector</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T244392|Vue.js search case study]]:
**** See [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Vue.js case study/Status
log|weekly status updates]].
** Mobile website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend):
*** [[phab:T237036|<nowiki>ext.uls.interface should set targets and
explicitly not target the Minerva skin</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T235712|<nowiki>Fix the most common "Module not loadable on
target mobile" warnings (Oct 2019)</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T258728|<nowiki>MobileFrontend browser test failing:
User:<username> "before all" hook – Can't call setValue on element
with selector "#wpName1" because element wasn't found</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T258096|<nowiki>Browser test failure: Nested references do
not always open</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T240622|<nowiki>[Technical debt payoff] Remove
InlineDiffFormatter and InlineDifferenceEngine from
*** [[phab:T212465|<nowiki>[EPIC] None of our View's should exhibit 2
levels of inheritance</nowiki>]]
** Standardization
*** [[phab:T250762|<nowiki>UsersMultiselectWidget not announcing
status message</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T248062|<nowiki>Deprecate and remove
`.background-image-svg()` mixin from
*** [[phab:T248047|<nowiki>Deprecate & remove
`.background-image-svg-quick()` mixin from
*** [[phab:T258752|<nowiki>Unify `line-height` to `20px` in widgets to
simplify code and better i18n</nowiki>]]
** Portals
*** [[phab:T128546|<nowiki>[Recurring Task] Update Wikipedia and
sister projects portals statistics</nowiki>]]
** Miscellaneous
*** [[phab:T147221|<nowiki>Vertical alignment of logos and text in
Notifications popup</nowiki>]]

== Technology ==

=== Engineering Productivity ===

==== Release Engineering ====
* Updates:
** [All] Deployments/Covid-19 [[wikitech:Deployments/Covid-19]]
** Train Health
*** Last week: 1.36.0-wmf.1 - [[phab:T257969]]
*** This week: 1.36.0-wmf.2 - [[phab:T257970]]
*** Next week: 1.36.0-wmf.3 - [[phab:T257970]]

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