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Scrum of scrums/2020-08-26

Deb Tankersley

This email contains updates for August 26th, 2020, for the HTML version,




*= 2020-08-26 =*

== Callouts ==
* '''Data Centre Switch''' The Wikimedia Foundation will be testing its
secondary data centre. This will make sure that Wikipedia and the other
Wikimedia wikis can stay online even after a disaster. To make sure
everything is working, the Wikimedia Technology department needs to do a
planned test. This test will show if they can reliably switch from one
datacenter to the other. It requires many teams to prepare for the test and
to be available to fix any unexpected problems. They will switch all
traffic to the secondary data centre on Tuesday, September 1st 2020. More
* '''No train next week''' There is a planned switchover to our secondary
datacenter scheduled for Tuesday, September 2nd 2020. To avoid creating
problems for our SREs we'll be skipping the train for next week -- the week
of 2020-08-31 -- and not doing any deployments the day of the switchover --
* '''scap sync now called scap sync-world''' There is a new release of Scap
(3.15.0), which will be installed on the various servers next week. More

== Technology ==

==== Release Engineering ====
* Blocked by:
** none
* Blocking:
** none
* Updates:
** [All] Deployments/Covid-19
** Train Health
*** Last week: 1.36.0-wmf.5 - [[phab:T257973]]
*** This week: 1.36.0-wmf.6 - [[phab:T257974]]
*** Next week: No Train
** [All] Review guidance at and Code
Deployment Office Hour at 17:00UTC in #wikimedia-office
** "scap sync" will be renamed to "scap sync-world" in the next release. If
you use "scap sync" non-interactively, please add a note to: (and also, explain why you're
using it)
** scap sync now has option --canary-wait-time;
** No train week of 2020-08-31; no deploys 2020-09-01 (mentioned in
callouts as well)


deb tankersley (she/her)

sr program manager, engineering

Wikimedia Foundation
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