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Deb Tankersley

This email contains updates for September 2, 2020. For the HTML version,




*= 2020-09-02 =*

== Callouts ==
* Datacenter switchover completed. All wikis are being served from codfw.
Switchback in 1 month from now. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to
* [[GitLab_consultation|GitLab consultation]] is now open! Please comment
on the talk page.

== Product ==

=== iOS native app ===
* Blocked by:
* Blocking:
* Updates:
** Development of our 6.7 release - [[phab:project/view/4661]]
*** Article as a living document feature
*** New iOS14 widgets (Top Read, Picture of the Day, On This Day)

=== Web ===

* Updates:
** '''Summary''': Vue.js search performance tests, IE11 support, and
** [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements|Desktop Improvements Project (Vector
/ DIP)]]:
*** [[phab:T261686|<nowiki>Search bar should shift to right edge of
container at low resolutions</nowiki>]]
*** [[phab:T261523|Revisit client exclusion rules for errors where file uri
matches URL or no URL]]
*** [[phab:T260867|PrefUpdate captures user preference modifications at
*** [[phab:T256897|Decide on and clean up naming of CSS classes identifying
menus in toolbars and the sidebar.]]
*** [[phab:T250968|[ShoutWikiAds] Replace use of deprecated hook
*** [[phab:T260412|[Spike 10hrs] Determine steps necessary for switch to
header-first DOM]]
*** [[phab:T258552|Add wordmarks and taglines for 26 more Wikipedias]]
*** [[phab:T258493|[Spike 8hrs] "Use Legacy Vector" is not working as a
global preference]]
*** [[phab:T256100|Add skin version and search version fields to search
satisfaction schema]]
*** [[phab:T254695|Build a pre-library loading indicator for Vue.js search]]
*** [[phab:T249363|Move the existing search to the header in preparation
for Vue.js search development]]
*** [[phab:T252774|Checkbox and mediawiki.toc.styles styles should be
merged into a single ResourceLoader module]]
*** [[phab:T251544|Add user journey performance tests for Vector's Legacy
and Vue.js search]]
*** [[phab:T213845|Change link colors in Vector]]
*** [[phab:T213778|Update link colors in Vector for improved UX (and
*** [[phab:T244392|Vue.js search case study]]:
**** See [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Vue.js case study/Status
log|weekly status updates]].
** Mobile website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend):
*** [[phab:T258096|Regression: Nested references do not open if user clicks
on [ or ] (which are wrapped in span)]]
*** [[phab:T240622|[Technical debt payoff] Remove InlineDiffFormatter and
InlineDifferenceEngine from MobileFrontend]]
** Standardization
*** [[phab:T261391|Use standard external link icon for external links]]
** Miscellaneous
*** [[phab:T261378|Remove IE8 CSS hacks and fallbacks in Vector]]
*** [[phab:T259630|TypeError: results.error is undefined]]
*** [[phab:T259400|Drop MonoBookAfterContent hook]]
*** [[phab:T203023| dependency doesn't do mobile?]]
*** [[phab:T253938|Future proof addPortletLink]]

== Technology ==

=== Site Reliability Engineering ===
* Blocked by:
** None
* Blocking:
** None
* Updates:
** Datacenter switchover successfully completed. All wikis are now being
served by codfw. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this!


deb tankersley (she/her)

sr program manager, engineering

Wikimedia Foundation
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