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Deb Tankersley

This email contains updates for September 9, 2020. For the HTML version,




*= 2020-09-09 =*

== Product ==
=== Web ===
* Updates:
** '''Summary''': moving the search header for Vue.js search.
** [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements|Desktop Improvements Project (Vector
/ DIP)]]:
*** [[phab:T260867|PrefUpdate captures user preference modifications at
*** [[phab:T261686|Refinements to search box in site header]]
*** [[phab:T260412|[Spike 10hrs] Determine steps necessary for switch to
header-first DOM]]
*** [[phab:T259761|Reduce space between sidebar and content]]
*** [[phab:T259250|A/B test setup for search changes]]
*** [[phab:T249363|Move the existing search to the header in preparation
for Vue.js search development]]
*** [[phab:T252774|Checkbox and mediawiki.toc.styles styles should be
merged into a single ResourceLoader module]]
*** [[phab:T251544|Add user journey performance tests for Vector's Legacy
and Vue.js search]]
*** [[phab:T244392|Vue.js search case study]]:
**** See [[Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Vue.js case study/Status
log|weekly status updates]].
** Mobile website (MinervaNeue / MobileFrontend):
*** [[phab:T261971|TypeError: e.on is not a function. (In
'e.on("hide",(function(){e.emit("_om_hide")}))', 'e.on' is undefined)]]
*** [[phab:T259291|Image loader is not resilient (Uncaught Error:
'retryPath' must be set in options param. Received:)]]
*** [[phab:T258096|Regression: Nested references do not open if user clicks
on [ or ] (which are wrapped in span)]]
** Standardization
*** [[phab:T256897|Decide on and clean up naming of CSS classes identifying
menus in toolbars and the sidebar.]]
** Page Previews
*** [[phab:T259652| TypeError: u.abort is not a function]]
** Miscellaneous
*** [[phab:T262092|Update to user styles and scripts required: .menu,
.vectorTabs and .vectorMenu no longer supported]]
*** [[phab:T260519|ToggleSwitchWidget: widget has wrong role 'checkbox'
when it should be 'switch']]
*** [[phab:T259630|TypeError: results.error is undefined]]
*** [[phab:T258428|TypeError: element is undefined (getAccessKeyLabel)]]
*** [[phab:T258337|Advanced search doesn't handle removing template
name]][[phab:T260519|ToggleSwitchWidget: widget has wrong role 'checkbox'
when it should be 'switch']]
*** [[phab:T249167|Removing category filter in Advanced search shows
"[object Object]"]]
*** [[phab:T203023| dependency doesn't do mobile?]]
*** [[phab:T262098|SkinMustache should provide standard portlet (menu)
*** [[phab:T235008|ExampleSkin should use SkinMustache]]
*** [[phab:T259912|Keyboard Tabbing Order for PopupWidget in
Reverse(shift-tabbing) is out-of-order]]
*** [[phab:T259906|Add 'volumeUp' icon in OOUI]]
*** [[phab:T253938|Future proof addPortletLink and work towards a standard
mw-portlet class for all menus across all skins]]
*** [[phab:T106244|URL encoded values using fallback 8-bit encoding
(invalid UTF-8) cause mediawiki.Uri to crash]]


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