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Semantic Drilldown: Bug with PostgreSQL

Dear List!
I'm runing SMW 2.4.1, with PHP 7.0.7 and PostgreSQL 9.4.9

In the past Yaron was so kind and fixed some bugs I had with
SemanticDrilldown 2.0.2.

Now I found a new one, when I set a filter with type date:
In the file includes/SD_Filter.php line 308 there is a function
getTimePeriodValues() to build the SQL-query-String. Unfortunatly there is
no function YEAR() in PostgreSQL to retrive only the year of a timestamp or
text. YEAR() only exist in MySQL.
I'm pretty sure that EXTRACT() would be the right function for PostgeSQL.
But I'm not able to re-write the code in includes/SD_Filter.php

Here is the SQL-Statement:

SELECT YEAR(SUBSTR(o_serialized, 3, 100)), count(*) FROM
semantic_drilldown_values sdv JOIN "smw_di_time" a ON = a.s_id JOIN
"smw_object_ids" p_ids ON a.p_id = p_ids.smw_id WHERE p_ids.smw_title =
'YearBegin' GROUP BY YEAR(SUBSTR(o_serialized, 3, 100)) ORDER BY
YEAR(SUBSTR(o_serialized, 3, 100))

That's the Error:
42883 ERROR: function year(text) does not exist Line 1

I also reported the bug here [1]
Thanks for help. Bye, Martin

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