Semantic Maps alpha and Semantic Forms/Compound Query issue

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Semantic Maps alpha and Semantic Forms/Compound Query issue

Martin Brunner

I noticed some problems with the recent alpha of Semantic Maps - don't
know what exactly is causing them.

First, there is the problem that the coordinate input field does not
show the map anymore in Semantic Forms, see

Then i figured out that leaflet is not reloading the tiles when used
with a compound query:

while Googlemaps does:

(Just zoom into the map. If it fails with Googlemaps it might be a
server issue - however, it always failed with leaflet, and usually works
with googlemaps.)

Compund Queries 0.4.1 (8915cdf) 04:42, 8. Jul. 2016
Semantic Maps 3.4.0-alpha (354da01) 08:14, 20. Jun. 2016
Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.1
Maps 3.7.0
Semantic Forms 3.6


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