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Semantic MediaWiki 2.5 - first release candidate

Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce the availability of the first release candidate for the upcoming Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0 release: [0]. Note that this is a development version so do NOT use it in production.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0 will be a big release bringing a lot of new features and improvements as well as bug fixes, most notably:
* Full-text search in property values for MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite introduced
* Provenance data recording introduced
* Property chain and language filter support in printouts introduced
* Edit protection for better semantic gardening introduced
* Preferred property label support introduced
* Query result cache for better performance introduced
* Links in values now working reliably 
* Fixed properties now a stable feature
* Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" formerly "SMWAdmin" overhauled and extended

See the preliminary release notes [1] for this and for much more information on the features, enhancements, changes and fixes this release will bring.

Note that Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0 will drop support for PHP 5.4 and lower as well as MediaWiki 1.22 and lower. See also the compatibility notes [2] for detailed information.

This release candidate is meant to gather feedback and to allow you to do testing against the new version. You can try out the new features on the Semantic MediaWiki sandbox wiki [3], or upgrade your own wiki. If you find any issues, please report them on our issue tracker: [4].

If you are using Semantic MediaWiki via Composer, update the version in your "composer.json" or "composer.local.json" file to "~2.5@rc" and run "composer update". If you are using the tarballs, you can download them here: [0]. Remember to also update your database by running "update.php" due to schema changes and new database tables.

Thank you for testing the release candidate.

- The SMW development team


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