Semantic MediaWiki Conference Fall 2016: Call for Participation

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Semantic MediaWiki Conference Fall 2016: Call for Participation

Dear users, developers and all people interested in semantic wikis,

We are very happy to announce the program of the 13th Semantic MediaWiki
Conference in Frankfurt am Main, Germany! People from business, academia
and non-profit organizations will give a variety of very interesting
talks and presentations about applying semantic wikis as well as about
newest developments in the field.

We would also like to remind you of the upcoming end to the early bird
registration registration period on September 14, 2016. Please register
via Tito [0] if you have not done so already.

Important facts reminder:

* Dates: September 28th to 30th 2016 (Wednesday to Friday)
* Location: German Institute for International Educational Research
(DIPF), Schloßstraße 29, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
* Conference page:
* Participants: Everybody interested in semantic wikis, especially in
Semantic MediaWiki, e.g. users, developers, consultants, business
representatives and researchers.

News on the program:

* The tutorial program has been announced and made available [1]
* The conference program has now also been announced and made available
[2]. We are very happy that the keynote will be held by Prof. Dr. Sören
Auer of Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information
Systems IAIS, Enterprise Information Systems.
* A social program is also being prepared [3].
* We encourage contributions for poster sessions about semantic wikis;
for a list of topics, see [4]. Please add your proposals by e-mail to
one of the program chairs. (CC)
* Presentations will generally be video and audio recorded and made
available for others after the conference.


* Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF)
[5] and Open Semantic Data Association e. V. [6] have become the
official organisers of SMWCon Fall 2016.
* Very special thanks go to Wikimedia Deutschland [7] for being our
platinum as well as ArchiXL [8] for being our gold supporter.

If you have questions you can contact Sabine Melnicki, Kendra Sticht and
Christoph Schindler (Program Chairs), Karsten Hoffmeyer (General Chair)
or Lia Veja (Local Chair) by e-mail (CC).

We will be happy to see you in Frankfurt!

Sabine Melnicki, Kendra Sticht and Christoph Schindler (Program Board)

[0] <>
[1] <>
[4] <>
[5] <>
[6] <>
[7] <>
[8] <>

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