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Semantic Mediawiki "Crosstab"

Not sure, whether I asked this question, but can't find it or another one answering it: Since I can't find the answer, I am assuming for the moment, that what I need doesn't exist yet in SMW

We have pages categorized in two categories with semantic attribute "links" between them.

I am looking for a display as a table in which the attributes linking the pages in the two categories are shown in the cells, while the pages are on the header and left column. For example:

                  Category 1
                  Page 1       Page 2        Page 3
Category 2
Page A         is part of
Page B                         consists of
Page C         consists of                  is part of

The data could come from the ask query and be filtered by attribute type.

This would greatly help keeping our company knowledgebase in order.

Did I miss an extension that offers this functionality?

Best Regards,