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Short takes from Bengaluru :: TTT17

Frederick Noronha
Combining forensic sciences... and cyberspace: Manavpreet Kaur
[Dr. Manavpreet Kaur]

Subodh Kulkarni... jottings on the Marathi wikipedia
[सुबोध कुलकर्णी]

Tracking down Allan Octavian Hume (Shymal L)

Suyash Dwivedi (Bhopal)... a look at the Hindi wikipedia

How the Wikipedia Can Bring You Serious Health Info: Diptanshu Das

You Thought The Wikipedia Had No Role in Class [Ananth Subray]
[Ananth subray]

Sumita Roy: From Battling the Himalayas to Fighting to Share Info
[Sumita Roy Dutta]

Ramkrishna Reddy Palagiri: oilseeds, satellites, etcetera

This is how Crowdsourcing and Group Learning Happens

A Common(s)man from the Bengali wikipedia... Indrajit Das

Learning about the bamboo... some impromptu hints
[सुबोध कुलकर्णी]

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