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Some phabricator helpers

Amir Sarabadani
Today I made some phabricator helpers, I thought these might be useful for

The first is a web page that gives you an overview of changes in any sprint
board in the past N days (default value of N is seven). This is useful when
you want to have a quick look of things that has been done to show them off
in SoS, weekly updates, etc. Here's an example with performance team board:
[1], The default boards are Wikidata sprint boards (like [2]) let me know
if encounter any issues, have any suggestions or if you want to add your
board to the default list. It's based on a CLI tool my colleague made a
while ago. Of course it's easily doable to query them directly in
phabricator but this combines several queires (things that are picked up,
things that are waiting for review, etc.) into one small place, the output
is slightly shorter and cleaner.

If you know what Herald [3] is, you can skip this paragraph. Herald is set
of rules in phabricator that gets automatically applied on tasks, patches,
or anything. For example, if you add a ticket and add one of sprint boards
of wikidata but you forget to add the umbrella project (#Wikidata [4]), it
happily adds the umbrella project to the ticket. If you want to add some
Herald rules to improve your workflow, let me know.

Herald, albeit being very powerful, has one limitation, it doesn't move
tasks to another column, this means if a task is being worked on (like it's
part of a sprint) Herald can't move it to "In progress" column in the
umbrella project.

You probably know my bot "Maintaince bot", It continuously spams you,
Today, I made it to handle column moving as well. So it's going to spam you
even more (sorry) for tasks being moved around. You can disable
notification for column moves in your settings in phabricator or set a
filter for archiving maintenance bot emails. But if you want to add more
rules to it (if you have been moving tasks around manually, you probably
know it's a very tedious work). Let me know the rules and the column moves,
and I add it to my bot as well.


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