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nigel kerr

good folk,

find at meta User:Nigelk/ConcatPages to have source code for
SpecialConcatPages.php, a special page to work with the NavMap extension
(at User:Nigelk/Nav).  this is, you understand, a 0.1.  it does this:

        takes three POST or GET url parameters:

                map (some extant map)
                start (some page in the map)
                end (some succeeding page in the map)

        and tries to output the concatenation of that start, all the
        pages in between (per the map), the end, and the children of the
        end into the body of the special page.

no features at the moment other than that.  the page points to a

no reason one could not apply this to a parameter that had arbitrary
pages listed in order.  and i think i finally 'got' wfMsg and the
MessageCache, et al.  only really tested it by me, with php 5.0.4 live
on the site.

comments, here or en Meta, as ever, welcome.


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