Special:Export was overloading enwiki databases; limits have been set

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Special:Export was overloading enwiki databases; limits have been set

Jaime Crespo
Exporting pages on en.wikipedia may result on a failure, this is being
investigated right now. For stability reasons, time to export pages has
been temporarily limited to avoid an worse outage, afecting regular page
views and edits. While we do not have right now any advice regarding
changing behaviours when exporting pages, we advice to check any exports
done are successful until this is resolved, specially if done unattended by
bots- a portion of those exports could be failing and people may not be

Right now only a single, not-logged-in user is probably affected on
en.wikipedia around 1200 times in the last 12 hours, but it could affect in
the future other users on other wikis, too.

This is publicly tracked on:

If you use the wikiexport function and it is still working for you/started
failing, feel free to provide us feedback on the ticket above. Pregenerated
dumps at https://dumps.wikimedia.org/backup-index.html or wikireplicas
would be almost universally a better way to get mass-revisions.
Jaime Crespo
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