Statistics on language preferences of Commons users

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Statistics on language preferences of Commons users

Brianna Laugher

Thanks to Gmaxwell, we have some interesting stats about language
preferences for registered users at Commons.

Here's a quick table of how the language codes of the top 14
Wikipedias (by # of articles - these are all the Wikipedias that have
over 100,000 articles).

WPrank LC Commonsrank W-C
1 en 1 0
2 de 4 (-2)
3 fr 3 0
4 pl 7 (-3)
5 ja 6 (-1)
6 it 8 (-2)
7 nl 9 (-2)
8 pt 5 3
9 es 2 7
10 sv 10 0
11 ru 14 (-3)
12 zh 11 1
13 fi 17 (-4)
14 no 12 2

"W-C" is the Wikipedia rank minus the Commons rank. Spanish and
Portugese have much higher Commons ranks than Wikipedia ranks, which
no doubt reflects those community's decisions to turn off local
uploads and only use Commons.

For some of the languages, I have a feeling the negative value
reflects the fact that those users use the English interface, rather
than choose not to use/aren't aware of Commons. e.g. German and
Polish. For others I think it does reflect a lack of
awareness/willingness to use Commons and subsequently, little
community at Commons, e.g. Italian and Russian.

Commons has started a page
which will try to improve the awareness and perception of Commons
among the rest of the Wikimedia community. For this, we need people
who are active in other Wikimedia communities to help spread the
message about the benefits (for the local community, *and* Commons) of
using Commons. If you would like to help, please take a look at this
page and feel free to start a subpage for the project(s) that you edit


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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