Status of the s1-reimport on sql-s1-rr

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Status of the s1-reimport on sql-s1-rr

Hello all,

just a quick status-report: The host was re-setuped, the binary dump was
imported, wikidata was imported and both replags reached a point near 0s. As
last step I'm importing now commons since yesterday after Nosy had setup the
SAN-partition. I guess the import will need a few days (if I use the disc-
usage as measure: 20% are already imported).
The replag of enwiki at rosemary (sql-s1-user) is increasing slowly because of
the load (rosemary has to handle now sql-s1-user AND sql-s1-rr). I'm sorry for
this, but I can not change that because of insufficient hardware-resources (=too
few servers).


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