Strange behaviour of data in SMW installation

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Strange behaviour of data in SMW installation

Krabina Bernhard
Dear all,

I am encountering a strange behaviour.

There is a page "Altplatz"
it has the property "Art des Objekts" set to "Verkehrsfläche". You can clearly see that in the page source:

However, if I view or export the properties, it shows "Konzept:Verkehrsfläche":

There is indeed a concept with that name:
and a page with that name

But this should not be a problem. And it is no problem for ~10.000 pages of the category. But ~300 pages show the concept confusion. There should not be any entries in "smw_browse_incoming":

Editing and saving the page "Altplatz" does not help.
I also tried repairing the data with

So if this does not help, do I really have to go with
php rebuildData.php -ftpv
php rebuildData.php -v
as described here
or is thera a less brutal method?


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