Strange session cookie/authentication bug

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Strange session cookie/authentication bug

Sebastian Moleski

I have been having a problem for about two weeks now operating my bots on
Wikimedia sites (archive bot on dewiki and others, recategorization bot on
dewiki). They keep losing session information without any obvious cause in
the middle of a bot run. Until now, the bot would open special:userlogin at
the start of a run, keep the cookie it gets and send it with each edit. For
some reason, this doesn't seem to always work anymore. A good example of
what happens can be shown here:
1.) logged on:
2.) suddenly logged off:

There are no IP changes on my side and a delay of no more than 20 seconds
between the edit with and without login information. Is there something I
should do differently so this doesn't happen anymore? I don't use
pywikipediabot but a framework I created myself. The bot code hasn't changed
and had worked until recently. Any idea?


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