Suggestions for "targeted languages" feature on English Wiktionary

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Suggestions for "targeted languages" feature on English Wiktionary

Andrew Dunbar
This feature is very nice but I have a few suggestions to improve it.

* I find the (xx) native language interwiki links very distracting in
this position. I propose it either not be here or at least made
* For requested translations, adding the exact text of the request
seems to much for what is otherwise a concise field. How about just
"requested" instead of "please add this translation if you can"

I especially love the new stars to choose which languages you want,
but there is nothing for when the language you want doesn't already
have an entry in the particular translation table you're looking at.

* Since it's called "target languages" rather than "targeted
translations" how about extending it to fold all the entries on the
page which are not one of your targeted languages? Some pages have
many many entries and I know a lot of casual users find it annoying
even though it's useful for many others.

Andrew Dunbar (hippietrail)

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