Swiss Transport Data: Next Steps / Transport Working Group Kickoff

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Swiss Transport Data: Next Steps / Transport Working Group Kickoff

Charles Andrès-2
Dear all,

with the development of wikidata, it’s interesting for the wikimedia community to stay update about the initiatives to obtain open datas. is an association really active in Switzerland to obtain the release of Open Data, from the government and the public institution, but not only.

One of their working group is working around Transport Data, if the train schedule are not so interesting for Wikipedia ;-) we may be interested in Train Station geo-localization or other factual data.

Please find below the announcement for the Kick Off of their Transport working Group.


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De: Hannes Gassert <[hidden email]>
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Date: 4 mai 2014 14:48:33 UTC+2
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To everybody interested in Swiss Open Transport Data:

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the survey to find a kick-off date for our working group. We have a date and a place now:

* Thursday 15 May, 17-19h
* Zürich HB, Restaurant Oase (


* Introduction
* Stakeholders
  - Who's doing what with (open) transport data, what interests are represented at the table?
  - Who's missing?
* Status
  - What open transport data for Switzerland is out there, what's coming next?
  - What's its status, where is action needed?
* Goals
  - for the dataset
  - for the interface
  - for Astra's open data
  - for political action, if necessary
  - ..
* Next steps
  - Planning of converter/importer projects
  - Integration of working group intp
  - ..
I hope to keep the general parts as short as necessary and focus on the concrete plans that are most important to most of you. If you have additional agenda items or would like to propose a change: please do let me know directly.

Sending kind regards,
Hannes Gassert,

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