Tamil community won the Project Tiger 2.0 writing contest

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Tamil community won the Project Tiger 2.0 writing contest

நீச்சல் காரன்
This is to inform you that Tamil Wikipedia community has won the Project
Tiger Contest, which was a joint initiative of Google and wikimedia
foundation. This Contest was mainly aims to encourage online content in
vernacular Indian languages.

Salem Wikipedian S. Balasubramanian with more than 600 articles and
Virudunagar Wikipedian G. Sridhar with nearly 500 articles, Kumbakonam
Wikipedian B Jambulingam with 260 articles played a vital role in this lead.

Beside srilanka contributor Fathima Rinosa, Salem contributor Vasantha
Lakshmi have scored above 200 articles. K. Moorthy from Vellore, Mahalingam
from Madurai, Arularasan from krishnagiri are the century finishers in
articles count. With 62 participants from Tamil wikipedia, we able to write
2959 articles and became topper in the contest.

[image: Project tiger.jpeg]

Here is the official announcement
Tamil Wikipedia Blog news:

You can find the Tamil community page.

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