TechCom Board Review 2020-08-31

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TechCom Board Review 2020-08-31

Daniel Kinzler-3
Hi all!

This is the weekly TechCom board review  in preparation of our meeting on
Wednesday. If there are additional topics for TechCom to review, please let us
know by replying to this email. However, please keep discussion about individual
RFCs to to the phabricator tickets.

Activity since Monday 2020-08-26 on the following boards:

Committee inbox: none

Committee board activity:
* Added "Parsoid Extension API" (T260714), see below.

New RFCs: none

Phase progression: none

IRC meeting request: none

Other RFC activity:
* Drop support for database upgrade older than two LTS releases:
  - Leaderboard suggests to support 3 LTS releases
  - Bawolff says that upgrades from versions as old as 1.16 are common enough,
    but that we should drop support for anything older than 1.6.
* Parsoid Extension API:
  - Subbu wrote in response to las week's digest email that they are looking for
    feedback "not from users, but TechCom" and "if TechCom is happy with it, it
    can go to Last Call."
  - DISCUSS: should we move this to last call?

Daniel Kinzler
Principal Software Engineer, Core Platform
Wikimedia Foundation

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