TechCom Radar, 2017-07-26 (was: ArchCom Radar)

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TechCom Radar, 2017-07-26 (was: ArchCom Radar)

Daniel Kinzler-2
Hi all!

First off - the Architecture Committee is now the Technical Committee!
We just adopted our first official charter, defining the scope and authority of
the committee. You can find it here:


Thanks for your patience and input!

With that out of the way - here are the minutes from this week's TechCom
meeting. You can also find the minutes at

See also the TechCom activity page at
<> and the
RFC board <>.

Here are the minutes, for your convenience:

* TechCom (ne ArchCom) charter approved:

* Last Call: Migrate to HTML5 section ids

  Should no pertinent objections remain unaddressed by August 9th, the RFC will
  be approved for implementation. The currently ongoing work on code should be
  considered a prototype until then. See

* Next week’s RFC: Combined contribs / talk pages for IPv6 ranges

  As always, the discussion will take place in the IRC channel #wikimedia-office
  on Wednesday 21:00 UTC (2pm PDT, 23:00 CEST).

* Global Collaboration team is working on refactoring
  RecentChanges/Watchlist code

* Mobile team(s) working on a new content API

Daniel Kinzler
Principal Platform Engineer

Wikimedia Deutschland
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.

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