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TechCom Radar, 2017-08-30

Daniel Kinzler-2
Hi all!

Find below the minutes of the last meeting of the Technical Committee.

* Giuseppe Lavagetto joins TechCom!

* Ongoing issue: Large job queue backlog, see
<> and

* Work started on MCR (Daniel, Anomie). Expect RFC for finalizing the data model
soon. Old draft:

* IRC meeting on HTML5 (UTF8) section IDs happened.

* Postgres RFC approved, except for the proposed change to the representation of
timestamps. <>

* Next week’s IRC: Separate "application" and "project" concerns by moving most
of MediaWiki within a /core folder <>
As always, the discussion will take place in the IRC channel
#wikimedia-office on Wednesday 21:00 UTC (2pm PDT, 23:00 CEST).

* Investigation on offline reading (PDF and HTML/ZIM):
<> and

You can also find our meeting minutes at

See also the TechCom RFC board

Daniel Kinzler
Principal Platform Engineer

Wikimedia Deutschland
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.

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