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TechCom Radar, 2017-10-04

Kevin Smith
​Hello all!

With Daniel out, I volunteered to send this email. Find below the
streamlined minutes of the last meeting of the Technical Committee. When
Daniel returns, he'll fill in any details I may have missed.

* RFC Approved: Introduce InterruptMutexManager. There was no further
discussion, so the committee approved this RFC.

​* Last week’s IRC discussion covered how long we need/want to
keep support for HHVM. IRC meeting log: <
Thread on wikitech:
<>. RFC about bumping the PHP
(for context) <>

* There was no IRC discussion this week (2017-10-04).

* Next week's IRC discussion (2017-10-11): Move RunJobs.php to core <>

As always, the discussion will take place in the IRC channel
#wikimedia-office on Wednesday 21:00 UTC (2pm PDT, 23:00 CEST).

You can also find our meeting minutes at

See also the TechCom RFC board

Kevin Smith
Engineering Program Manager, Wikimedia Foundation
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