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TechCom Radar 2018-06-20

Daniel Kinzler-2
Hi All,

Here are the minutes from this week's TechCom meeting:

* Call for nominations of new TechCom members was closed on June 18 with 15
nominations received. We will be reviewing the candidates over the coming weeks.

* New RFC: “Implement a standardized way to track the usage of parser functions
and tags”  <>

* Moving towards implementation: multi-file packages for ResourceLoader

* Moving towards implementation: “Tracking dependencies for multiple Content
objects per page (MCR)” <>

* Implementation in progress: “Allow users to be blocked from editing a specific
article or all articles inside a namespace”

* Interested to not record IPs for anon edit, see

* Pending alternative proposal to be written: “Use ar_page_id to determine the
parent IDs for undeleted revisions”  <>

* Public RFC discussion on Wednesday: “Factoring page update logic out of
WikiPage”. This is about the overall architecture of the code we use to process
page updates. It’s a major part of a comprehensive refactoring of the MediaWiki
storage layer.  <>
This discussion will take place in the #wikimedia-office channel at 21:00 UTC
(23:00 CEST, 2pm PDT ).

-- Daniel

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