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TechCom Radar 2020-06-24

Daniel Kinzler-3
Hi all,

Here are the minutes from this week's TechCom meeting:

Last Call: Amendment to the Stable interface policy (T255803)
* Ticket:
* No big change in substance from the policy adopted in March
* Draft policy:
* Description of:
* The new policy is on Last Call until July 8th. If you have any concerns about
the draft, please comment on the ticket. If no concerns remain unaddressed by
July 8, the draft will be adopted as the new policy.

Approved: Drop support for IE 8 (T248061)
* Support for IE 8 will be maintained for the upcoming 1.35 release
* Code needed for IE 8 support can be dropped from master (and Wikimedia sites)
after 1.35 * has been branched in July.

No office hours scheduled for next week.

You can also find our meeting minutes at

See also the TechCom RFC board

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Daniel Kinzler
Principal Software Engineer, Core Platform
Wikimedia Foundation

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