TechCom board review 2020-09-07

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TechCom board review 2020-09-07

Niklas Laxström
This is the weekly TechCom board review in preparation of our meeting
on Wednesday. If there are additional topics for TechCom to review,
please let us know by replying to this email. However, please keep
discussion about individual RFCs to the Phabricator tickets.

Activity since Monday 2020-08-31 on the following boards:

Committee inbox:
* RFC: Parsoid Extension API <>
 - see TechCom weekly digest 2020-09-02

Committee board activity: none
New RFCs: none
Phase progression: none
IRC meeting request: none

Other RFC activity:
* MediaWiki's anonymous edit token leaves wiki installations (incl.
Wikipedia) open to mass anonymous spam we can't block
 - dbarratt suggests to block anonymous POST requests with the Origin
header that contains a value that is not in the allowlist.
 - Bawolff thinks it could work if done correctly.

  - Niklas

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Re: TechCom board review 2020-09-07

The minutes from TechCom's triage meeting on 2020-09-09.

Present: Daniel K, Dan A, Tim S, Timo T, Kate C.

== Liberate the @ for AtEase ==
* Checking in about next steps.
* As a coding convention, it doesn’t need our involvement unless there’s a
conflict, strategic impact, etc. Talk page?
* TT: Will reach out on the talk page as well.

== RFC: Parsoid Extension API ==
* TT: Concerning that the RFC was filed this late, but are not meaningful
comments and thinking about last call. Believe this is more perception than
an actual problem. The engagement hasn’t been captured on the task very
well. This is an initial attempt to be used for WMF maintained extensions
when get closer to this parser as the default will be more changes.
Different from usual processes, how do we accommodate that?
* DK: Establish a baseline, then will file another RFC later. Need to
clearly mark as unstable.

== RFC: PHP microservice for containerized shell execution ==
* Scheduled as IRC meeting for next week.

== Next week IRC office hours ==
RFC review meeting scheduled for next week: RFC: Containerized shell
execution service
Meeting at 2020-09-10 21:00 UTC (14:00 PT, 23:00 CEST) on Freenode in the
#wikimedia-office channel.

You can also find our meeting minutes at

If you prefer you can subscribe to our newsletter here

-- Timo
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