Thank you for participating in the global Wikimedia survey!

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Thank you for participating in the global Wikimedia survey!

Edward Galvez
Hello everyone,

I would like to share my deepest gratitude for everyone who responded to
the Wikimedia Communities and Contributors Survey. The survey has already
closed for this year. The quality of the results has improved because more
people responded. We heard from over 200 people who work in volunteer
developer spaces like Phabricator, IRC, Mediawiki, mailing lists, and many
others, which is a solid increase from last year.

We are working on analyzing the data already and hope to have something
published on meta in a couple months. Be sure to watch Community Engagement
Insights <>
for when we publish the reports. We will also message those individuals who
signed up on the thank you page or sent us an email to receive updates
about the report. Feel free to reach out to me directly at egalvez[at] or at my talk page on meta

Thank you again to everyone for sharing your opinions with us!

Edward Galvez
Evaluation Strategist, Surveys
Learning & Evaluation
Community Engagement
Wikimedia Foundation
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