The Community Insights survey (for volunteer devs)

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The Community Insights survey (for volunteer devs)

Johan Jönsson-2
Hey folks, I'm helping Rebecca Maung ([hidden email]) distribute
this request. Her words below:

The Wikimedia Foundation is asking for your feedback in the annual
Community Insights survey. We want to know how well we are supporting
your work on- and off-wiki, and how we can change or improve things in
the future. The opinions you share will directly affect the current
and future work of the Wikimedia Foundation.

If you are a volunteer developer, and have contributed code to any
pieces of MediaWiki, gadgets, or tools, please complete the survey. It
is available in various languages and will take between 15 and 25
minutes to complete.

Follow this link to the survey:

If you have seen a similar message elsewhere and have already taken
the Community Insights survey, please do not take it twice.

You can find more information about this survey on the project page
and see how your feedback helps the Wikimedia Foundation support
contributors like you. This survey is hosted by a third-party service
and governed by this privacy statement. Please visit our frequently
asked questions page to find more information about this survey.

If you need additional help, send an email to [hidden email].

Thank you!

//Johan Jönsson

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