The Wikinewsie Group News - Edition 4, October 1, 2013

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The Wikinewsie Group News - Edition 4, October 1, 2013

Laura Hale
A copy of the most recent edition of The Wikinewsie Group newsletter can be found at .  This month's edition includes information on:
* our progress with aff-comm application.
* research being conducted by the group.
* education outreach being worked on.
* planned original reporting at the Sochi Paralympic Games.
* technical updates to e-mail, servers, translation tools, etc.
* information for reporters on oppprtunities to report at the United Nations and get more recognition for their work.
* technical issues in regards to conducting outreach.
* a list of original reporting completed in the past month-

Laura Hale

twitter: purplepopple

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