The complete program of Wiki Workshop 2018 is live

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The complete program of Wiki Workshop 2018 is live

Dario Taraborelli-3
We're glad to announce that the complete list of accepted papers
<> at the upcoming Wiki Workshop,
hosted at the Web Conference 2018, is now live. Titles and abstracts for
our invited speaker line-up <> are
also being finalized.

If you're attending the workshop we look forward to seeing you next week in

Dario, on behalf of the workshop organizers

Accepted papers
Christoph Hube and Besnik Fetahu
Detecting Biased Statements in Wikipedia [PDF
Vevake Balaraman, Simon Razniewski and Werner Nutt
Recoin: Relative Completeness in Wikidata [PDF
Thomas Pellissier Tanon and Lucie-Aimée Kaffee
Property Label Stability in Wikidata [PDF
Laxmi Amulya Gundala and Francesca Spezzano
Readers' Demanded Hyperlink Prediction in Wikipedia [PDF
Tomás Sáez and Aidan Hogan
Automatically Generating Wikipedia Info-boxes from Wikidata [PDF
Lijun Lyu and Besnik Fetahu
Event-based News Suggestion in Real-Time for Wikipedia Pages from News
Streams [PDF
Finn Årup Nielsen
Linking ImageNet WordNet Synsets with Wikidata [PDF
Sebastián Ferrada, Nicolás Bravo, Benjamin Bustos and Aidan Hogan
Querying Wikimedia Images using Wikidata Facts [PDF
Eva Zangerle and Claudia Müller-Birn
Recommendation-Assisted Data Curation for Wikidata [PDF
Mridul Seth, Jérôme Kunegis and Renaud Lambiotte
The Role of Cultural Importance in Sister City Relationships [PDF
Yerali Gandica
Population’s Preferences by Editing Wikipedia: 12 Worldwide Languages [PDF
Christian Torrero, Carlo Caprini and Daniele Miorandi
A Wikipedia-Based Approach to Profiling Activities on Social Media [PDF
John Samuel
Towards Understanding and Improving Multilingual Collaborative Ontology
Development in Wikidata [PDF
Anwesha Chakraborty and Netha Hussain
Mapping and Bridging the Gender Gap: An Ethnographic Study of Indian
Wikipedians and Their Motivations to Contribute [PDF
Navya Yarrabelly and Kamalakar Karlapalem
Estimating Credibility of News Authors from their WIKI Validated
Predictions [PDF
Björn Ross, Marielle Dado, Maritta Heisel and Benjamin Cabrera
Gender Markers in Wikipedia Usernames [PDF
Tiziano Piccardi, Michele Catasta, Leila Zia and Robert West
Structuring Wikipedia Articles with Section Recommendations
Vsevolod Salnikov, Mridul Seth and Renaud Lambiotte
Mapping the Cultural Heritage of Cities [PDF
Célestin Coquidé, José Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
Importance and Interactions of World Universities from 24 Wikipedia Editions
Ramtin Yazdanian, Robert West and Leila Zia
The Elicitation of New Users’ Interests on Wikipedia [PDF
Gergely Odor, Emanuele Bugliarello and Robert West
Towards Modelling the Wikipedia Hyperlink Network: Navigability and Inlink
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