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The program is now live

Liam Wyatt
Dear Wikimaniacs,

After a LOT of work by a lot of volunteers, we now have a program
published for Wikimania Cape Town:

There's still some things to be tweaked, and info to add, and there's
certainly some formatting errors that crept in when we imported to the
wiki - but it's pretty much all there and we're very proud of it.

Hopefully people will appreciate some of the innovations we've tried
to add into this year's design - notably among which is the coloured
'beads' (referencing thins year's logo design of African beadwork)
that lets people follow their preferred thematic 'knowledge gap'
throughout the program.

Thank you everyone who has been involved in getting us to this point -
the program committee, the local organising team, the WMF staff, the
theme team, and many other individuals besides - including the many
people who made submissions to present this year.

Opportunities to nominate for Meetups and Lightning talks are also now open:

Liam/Wittylama - on behalf of the Program Committee.

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