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Third Wikimedia CH Call for Projects

Charles Andrès-2
Dear all,

Last Tuesday Wikimedia CH launched its third annual call for project.

The goal of this annual call for projects is to base our annual plan for the year 2015 on community ideas and needs. Based on your inputs, we will prepare the next round of APG application (1), with as much as possible of community inputs all along the process. The APG (aka FDC) is the process within the Wikimedia Movement to apply for annual plan funding.

Wikimedia CH is a specific chapter, with its 4 languages, the chapter is naturally oriented to multilingual projects, in Switzerland, but not only, and that’s why we are seeking for the largest community consultation possible.

Wikimedia CH motto is "Closer to the Wikimedians, closer to the Wikimedia Projects", and that means that half of our budget is aim to directly support the wikimedians in their day to day wkimedia life.

Therefore our financial needs are actually the reflection of the wikimedians needs. In order to define these needs efficiently, we want to reach out as much as possible to you Wikimedians. That's why we slightly adapted and improved our annual call for projects:

First of all, we introduce the "submit an idea" concept. We learned that most of the Wikimedians are not looking for big projects, most of us only need small support in order to realize what they like to do in their favorite wikimedia project. By collecting these ideas, we want to evaluate what is needed for our Community Support program. When submitting an idea you will not engage yourself in anything, it will help us to know what you may need in 2015 and we will prepare our budget accordingly.

During the summer, Wikimedians can test an idea and see if it can became a project.

We do not want to reinvent the wheel, so for those who are comfortable in English, please visit the Idealab. Wikimedia CH community liaisons will actively follow those pages, and in coordination with the WMF staff, guide you to the creation of a project that can join the Wikimedia CH FDC proposal.

If you prefer to submit an idea or project in your own language, you can participate in the idea proposal process in your Wikimedia Project in your mother tongue (German, Italian, French, Rumantsch, Alemannisch, Arpitan, etc…)

Eventually Wikimedia CH will act, through its Community Support process, as a complement to the WMF grants programs, TPS, IEG and GAC (2)

For Wikimedians willing to set up bigger projects, we keep our traditional project submission process, but this year we will host it on our Members Wiki AND on Meta (3).


Wikimedia CH global strategy is aligned with the global WMF strategy, but we will adopt some focus point. Wikimedia CH aims to support Wikimedians, being member of the chapter or not, being in Switzerland or not.

==Measuring Impact==

Like all activities funds with movements money, that’s why we care about measuring and evaluating the impact of our activities on the Wikimedia projects.

We actively work with the FDC staff and the Program Evaluation and Design team to set up good evaluation and reporting tools that make the life of Wikimedians easier.

This Call for Projects is ongoing in July & August. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.


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