This week's update, now with 7.3% more levity!

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This week's update, now with 7.3% more levity!

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not on the toolserver any more."

So, things are progressing at a fair clip; there is now a database
available to the tools, which means that most tools that do not depend
on the presence of the database replicas should be workable in the new
environment.  Maintainers are welcome to poke me (by email or on IRC) if
they want to start playing in the new environment, and I'll be glad to
show them around and set them up.

My plate this week is going to be occupied mostly with helping people
with the new environment, setting up puppet classes to subsume the
tools- instances' configuration, and writing documentation aimed at tool
maintainers looking to join the project.  (The latter being driven a
great deal by what the actual maintainers do in fact stumble on).

It's a low update week, much of the work this past week and in the next
few is going to be in the "boring gruntwork" category; but that's a good
thing because it means we're reaching cruising altitude.  You may now
use your personal electronic devices and move around the cabin; but for
safety reasons, the captain requests that you keep your seatbelt on
whenever you are at your seat.

-- Marc

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