Through one example of Hindi Wikipedia Artcile on Aruna Roy

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Through one example of Hindi Wikipedia Artcile on Aruna Roy

Rajesh Ranjan

Yesterday one of my journalist friend Arvind Shesh posted on Facebook about the content of the article ^^ on Aruna Roy [1] and then it came into my notice.

First of all I want to clear here that the mail is not to blame fact we all who are associated with Wikipedia are somehow responsible for the content present on wikipedia. In fact we can justify even the factual blunder but we can not justify such an obscene and vulgar language what was used for Aruna Roy; not only for Aruna Roy, we cannot justify these type of sentences for anybody. Thanks to the Hindi wiki editor, now it is removed after I approached probably [2]. 

But by going through the content, keeping continuous watch is necessary. I can understand that its purely a volunteer work and there is great need of many volunteers for our Indian languages. So we need to attract more volunteers for editing and content generation. So would be great to here from the seasoned wikipedians about how this can be done.

I am new to Hindi wikipedia community and I am trying to understand the community perspective and approach.



Rajesh Ranjan

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