Tidy removed on all Wikimedia wikis (final update)

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Tidy removed on all Wikimedia wikis (final update)

Subramanya Sastry
Hello everyone,

On 6th July 2017, we made an announcement [1] about our plans to replace
with RemexHtml on the Wikimedia cluster.

On 5th July 2018, we made the final switchover from Tidy [2].

For those of you interested, we published a blog post [3] documenting the
process and steps in this project.

What next?
RemexHtml is the default in MediaWiki since 1.31.

We are in the process of removing all traces of Tidy from Wikimedia's
configuration files and from MediaWiki itself. We'll keep the
extension enabled in its current form for another couple of months.
After this
period, the ParserMigration extension will be disabled completely
alongwith all
associated Tidy configuration. It will be re-purposed at a later time as
to compare impacts of other parser changes.

We haven't figured out the timeline yet, but at some point in the coming
we'll disable most of the high-priority linter categories that only make
in the context of replacing Tidy. If you have any thoughts about
retaining or
dropping these categories, please leave a note on
mw:Help_talk:Extension:Linter [4].

As noted in the blog post [3], this was a collaborative effort between the
several teams at the Wikimedia Foundation and volunteer editing
communities on
various wikis. Everyone involved played important and specific roles in
us to this important milestone. An active embrace by various wikis of this
effort has let the Foundation make this much-needed and important
upgrade of a
key piece of our platform.

In that context, I want to take this opportunity to specifically name
and thank
some of these individuals.

Tim Starling, C.Scott Ananian, Kunal Mehta, Arlo Breault, and yours
truly did
all the technical work in core, Parsoid, and the extensions. Erica Litrenta
and Sherry Snyder helped develop the community engagement plan with various
wikis and specific editors. Sherry, in particular helped a lot in the final
months as we were trying to get more wikis to fix pages.  James Forrester
helped review and provide feedback at various stages, especially with the
phased deployment.  A number of other developers and staff were involved in
review, feedback, during RFC discussions, and in helping with fixing
templates where I couldn't do so myself.

Here is a subset of users across several wikis that I had an opportunity to
interact with and observe who helped in various ways: developing bots and
gadgets, writing help pages, asking clarification questions, providing
feedback, reporting bugs on wiki and Phabricator, and fixing lots of pages
and templates on their home and other wikis.

User:Daimano Eaytoy, User:Sakretsu, User:Anamalocaris, User:Izno, User:Lsj,
User:xaosflux, User:PerfektesChaos, User:Lómelinde, User:Ikhitron,
User:星耀晨曦, User:Deryck Chan, User:Sunpriat, User:Stryn, User:MawaruNeko,
User:NicoV, User:Bdijkstra, User:Skalman, User:Shakespearefan00,
User:Billinghurst, User:MarcoSwart, User:Mackensen, User:Andriy.v,
User:Jonesey95, User:TheDJ, and the anonymous wiki user whoever you are. :-)

Obviously, there were a number of others users involved in this effort.
feel free to raise your hand or recognize other's contributions on this
My thanks to you all!


2. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T175706#4399641
3. https://blog.wikimedia.org/2018/07/09/tidy-html5-replacement/
4. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help_talk:Extension:Linter

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