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Timeless grant final report

Isarra Yos
Hey all, the Timeless grant has wrapped up and I've submitted the final
report for the project. Please check it out if you're interested:

A couple of things to highlight:
* The associated learning pattern is likely going to be relevant to a lot
  ¬†of us:
* Part of the purpose of the grant was to investigate into what we would
  ¬†actually need from a new skin on Wikimedia projects, should anyone
   decide to go that route. Here's what we found:

> All we really need from a new skin is for everything that went wrong
> with Minerva and Timeless, as far as readers and editors are concerned,
> to not happen this time:
> * We need gadgets to work.
> * We need content to display properly, and tools to be available.
> * We need to properly reuse core interfaces so things remain consistent.
> * We need to not distract users with unnecessary colours and affordances
>    that aren't relevant to whatever they're doing, and provide options
>    that suit their differing situations and needs.
> * We need to not do dumb things, like reinvent random wheels or ignore
>    standard hooks and DOM expectations.

I don't know if that's all that likely to help anyone, but... yeah.

Anyway, I'll still be working on maintenance and some feature development
in a volunteer capacity, mind you, so as always if you run into issues or
whatever, please file them on phabricator or come yell at me! I just make
absolutely no promises whatsoever as to when I (or whoever) will actually
deal with it, but it's still really helpful to at least have them tracked.

(See, it's even sort of organised! I even renamed the 'Aaaaaaa' column!)


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