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Train the Trainers: call for trainers to be trained

Martin Poulter-2
(Starting a new thread separate from Chris's, to make clear that this
is a call to Wikimedia UK volunteers).

Hi all,
I've put up an explanation about our plans for a trainer-training event:

If you deliver training for Wikimedia UK, or are interested in doing
so in future, please read the above page *and sign up* for the
forthcoming weekend event. We haven't a specific date set yet: we'll
have a date and programme by the end of this month, so it would be
good to have a list of attendees by then as well.
If you're already an experienced trainer, please don't ignore this: we
need your expertise, and this is a way to get your skills officially

Dr Martin L Poulter
Board member/ Trustee, Wikimedia UK
Wikipedia contributor

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